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Matilda was back. And we took her for a walk and she has A MAC 😍

A big roast dinner all together with no meat and an apple crumble with custard.

Watching Love Actually. I mean it’s terrible but it’s good. Except for the sexism and stuff. 

Matt cooking me eggs for a hungover breakfast.

Matt cooking us a roast for a still slightly hungover Sunday dinner.

Gusty having his baby!

A local coffee with Jo. That turned into lunch too.

An afternoon of Tate pottery and too much cake with Sarah. Where she talked total sense and made me realise a few things. I don’t need to trivialise my sadness. 

An evening with the housemates. Minus the rubbish one. Matt cooked us a roast. And it was just nice.


Ironing dogs
Double roast
The best custard. Like, the BEST.


Seeing friends at Ming’s birthday lunch
Accidentally coughing straight into his mouth
Sunday roast. Gotta love a Yorkshire pudding


Wood smoke
A cheer up dinner for him. I haven’t had roast chicken in ages! Plus there was the most delicious brownie too.
Having Gavin and Ryan back at work. The day is so much more fun with them around. And it was so nice to stay afterwards and just chat to Ryan when neither of us were working.