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A long walk in the woods with Jim. Yellow leaves, grey sheep and green fields.

A home cooked Sunday lunch with loads of gravy.

No headphones, no traffic. Just quiet.

Matilda was back. And we took her for a walk and she has A MAC 😍

A big roast dinner all together with no meat and an apple crumble with custard.

Watching Love Actually. I mean it’s terrible but it’s good. Except for the sexism and stuff. 

Spent seven hours watching Grace and Frankie in the living room with Matt. And then the other housemates. 

Had a roast cooked for me for dinner.

And got warm, freshly baked banana bread afterwards. Good Sunday. 


A mum roast lunch
Marmite on fresh bread
Brushing nan’s hair


Ironing dogs
Double roast
The best custard. Like, the BEST.


Veggie roast
Walking home
The bear on the ceiling (not the one in the picture)