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A walk with dad down into town.

A night of fixing, Sandi and Have I Got news For You.

Lying next to mum on the sofa.


Pube. The one woman, one-to-one show at WoW where I undressed, washed my pubes and then cut some off to give to a woman who stuck them into a portrait of me.
Sue Perkins fucking up the start of her song. And Sandi saying ‘well it was shorter than I expected’
Singing on stage with 140 women and Sister Sledge to 2000 people, including Jude Kelly and Sandi Toksvig. Brilliant women and absolute idols. What an amazing night!


Another big bring and share lunch at LCR. I love this office. So much food and laughter and, bizarrely, singing.
The Women’s Equality Party night. So incredible, so amazing. Sandi Toksvig is an absolute god. I was so moved and so excited and so positive. What an incredible thing to be a part of.
Walking back through London with Jo, past the beautiful light up buildings, hearing Big Ben chime and talking in a way that we haven’t done for months. Such a perfect evening.