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Listening to the rain fall outside my window.

The Scottish poems that James sent me.

Gav’s kid falling into the mud.

Walking through the park doing the pollution tubes and finding lots of squirrels.

Han’s long eyebrow hair.


Going into Foyles. Properly going in and buying a book and smelling that great smell of all those pages and feeling that calm that is in book shops. 

Sitting in the garden, reading as the light faded and the birds sang. The air smelt beautiful.

Scottish drag queen names. 


A night out with his Scottish boys. So much fun.
All the free food we got. Including the two amazing tiramisus.
An afternoon bonding with the women of the family.


An amazing day at the Paeroa Highland Games and Tattoo. Specially:
Stripping the Willow.
The amazing marching team.
Screaming for Scottish John during the games – the caber tossing, the farmers walk, the hammer throwing. It was so exciting!


The tiny dolphins playing around the boat in Akaroa.
Delicious local hot smoked salmon and fresh French bread followed by juicy cherries for our picnic lunch.
Discovering the bagpiper playing on the beach as the sun set. In New Zealand.


My pack of Sugru arrived! Which means we’ve finally fixed my hot water bottle, earphones, toothbrush holder and his shoes.

Going to the cinema in the afternoon when I should have been working. And eating a cinnamon pretzel. Yum.

Watching my Scottish boyfriend stab his haggis and mutter the Ode to a Haggis.


Seeing the baby again

The delicious cranachan for desert

Warming my feet up on his tummy before bed

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