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More autumn leaves on the Gruffalo trail.

Pulling faces with Fred in selfie mode.

Our huge pile of toilet roll.

Lots of walking through London, listening to music. I really liked the song about the black Atlantis.

Period book launch. Photos, red blobs and tons of freebies.

Taking photos in the period photo booth with Jo


Taking Rankomat photos at Photo London with Corinne.
The incredible perspex leaves by Felicity Hammond.
A free lipstick.


Boozy Christmas in Hither Green.
Funny cycling hats and drunk selfies in them.
The messages in the Christmas group before we got there. ‘You know 53 is not a complete address, right?’


Watching the cat try to stalk a fly. And failing.
Having a nice colleague for my first day at my second job.
A selfie of mum and dad in London, waiting for le Tour de France to start.


The doppelganger of one of my best friends at home came into work again today. And took a selfie with me! Amazing. Couldn’t stop smiling for ages.
A big flat meal with two roast chickens and deliciously crispy roast potatoes.