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My new sewing corner. Buying a desk and not building one was definitely the way forward. And I’ve already fixed my jeans.

The beautiful ceramics in Peckham.

A leafy walk with Jonny.


My new whittling knife!
Talking sewing machines and new jobs with Bradnam
An accidental but delicious pizza for dinner.


Finding a job I really want. Rather than ones I guess I could apply for. It felt good to be excited about one.
Getting my sewing machine out again.
Breathing in the delicious smells of the countryside out my bedroom window.


Getting a silly photo of my boyfriend blowing me a kiss.
Some time alone.
Sewing. More sewing.


Buying fabric.
Using the new sewing machine for the first time.
A pigeon that was being blown sideways across the pavement because of the wind.


I finally got the sewing machine! I can start making things again.
An email from dad asking us to help him surprise mum on her birthday this year.
The delicious salad I had at lunch. God I love spinach and sweetcorn.


Listening to Laura Marling before work.
Someone is going to lend me a sewing machine!
Discovering a new ticklish spot on my boyfriend.


I started feeling a bit sad listening to a slow song on the tube this morning. I skipped on a track and was blasted with Check It Out by Nicki Minaj and Instant smile and the blues were gone.

Looking up at the blue sky and feeling warmer. It feels like spring is coming.

Spending all afternoon at my sewing machine.