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The happy smiling cyclist. That then made me smile.

Sex and the City with Mike’s commentary.

The hot man cycling with a backpack with an adorable dog in it, resting his furry face against the man’s face. I almost died.

Listening to the Baz Lurman Sunscreen song with a cup of tea, looking out the window and feeling pretty okay. 
Listening to My Dad Wrote A Porno, the Christmas special. 

Watching Sex and the City. 


Sex and the City 2. So bad and yet so funny.
Bring on the trumpets!”
My boyfriend staying home in the evening to look after me.


The cat leaning on me and rubbing his face on my nose. He’s not normally this affectionate.
Bubble Pop by Hyuna. So catchy.
Spending the evening alone, wrapped up in blankets, jumpers and a hot water bottle, watching back to back Sex and the City.


Mid-winter Christmas day at work. Roast Turkey dinner, Santa hats and (fake) presents in the stockings. Saying ‘Merry Christmas!’ to everyone was fun. The festive cheer was there, even if the date was a little wrong.
An evening of Sex and the City.
The little bird that kept flying back into work to hang out with us. He snuck in four times!


Walking past the lavender bush.
Wandering around the arts section of Te Papa with my new headphones on.
Watching Sex and the City.