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Putting the bird feeders back up and feeling like I’m outdoors and useful.

More sexy chats with Feeld people. Maybe this will be a sexy year.

Chatting to Adam for a bit.

Chatting with Sally.

Sexting with Bobby.

Interior design hunting with Jonny.

The bloody desk finally arrived! Via a woman a few streets over!

Desk porn with Tash.

Seeing Jen and eating at Dotori and telling her about the poo bag incidents.

Sunday morning sexting.

Trying on my silver skirt again that I bought from the charity shop yesterday. I love it! I feel so swishy and lovely in it.

Lunch with Rosie and Jana. All vegan. All delicious. Even if the menu did have some wanky sounding stuff.

Sexy Bumble chat with Alec.

My beautiful friend’s beautiful wedding.

Eating all the cheese


Reading the article about shit sexts on Jezebel and seeing this one. It made me giggle and cheered me up when I couldn’t sleep.
Jo talking about men on mini scooters.
Spending some time with him.