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A long walk in the woods with Jim. Yellow leaves, grey sheep and green fields.

A home cooked Sunday lunch with loads of gravy.

No headphones, no traffic. Just quiet.

Kicking through the leaves.

Petting some sheep.

Watching mum and dad jiving in the kitchen.

​Being at Latitude. Its so beautiful!

The pink sheep

The beautiful sky

All the food!

Finding Drake! 

Dancing dancing dancing.


Rob Roy Glacier. Simply amazing. Well worth the walk up.
Seeing two big chunks of ice/snow fall off the glacier and tumble down the mountain, shattering into pieces.
The big huddle of sheep, staring at us.


Shivering in the Antarctic storm room at Christchurch. And going down the ice slide.
All the sheep running past the campsite in the morning.
Being silly with my boyfriend at breakfast and making dad laugh.


The sheep sounds that play to you as you arrive in Christchurch airport.
Listening to Fuse ODG. On repeat.
Picking up the campervan. It’s huge!