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Wearing my new DMs out and about. I love this look.

The family deciding that, despite us all agreeing to split the money if we won, that I should get the £20 from the Christmas scratch card. 

Yay, Stuart agreed to go on holiday. And soon! Hello cute cottage with a fireplace.


Sparklers. They smell so good.
Buttery buttery jacket potato, wrapped in tin foil and gnawed on outside.
New shoes.

“He knew you were an artist by your shoes”
“It is most common in women because the bacterium loves warm and moist places. The vagina is as warm and moist as body parts come. AIN’T THAT THE TRUTH!”
Orange is the New Black.


Speaking a bit of French to the French man at work.
‘La, la la la la la la, tea… no thanks I’ll have a beer’
Shoe shopping.


New shoes.
Driving around the beautiful countryside.
Seeing my nan for the first time in 20 months.


A parcel from my mum with my favorite pair of shoes and some Marks and Spencer pants.
Full body hugging.
A really bloody delicious tart for dinner. If I do say so myself.


This birthday card.
Wearing my new shoes to work. I kept looking down at my day and thinking ‘cor, snazzy shoes.’
Watching Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake do the 20 years of rap. So good. And started an evening of watching some amazing old videos.


Matching soles on our new walking shoes. Solemates.
Going for walk along the town green belt together, talking, laughing and planning and seeing new views of the city that we haven’t seen before.
The clouds have been spectacular today, always changing and always beautiful.


Custard creams

The man on the tube who had the biggest shoes on. They surely can’t have fitted his feet. They were massive. In all aspects. Long, wide, thick. Just huge.

Doing some yoga before bedtime.


Today was the day of our second pop up event so lots of things made me smile. But if I had to pick just 3 things…

A uni friend that made the effort to come, despite not living in London

Getting a late birthday present from my old housemates. And it was a pair of shoes I really wanted. Such a generous gift.

One of the cakes we sold was an apple and blackberry crumble cake. And it. Was. Incredible.

sexiest vegetable beetroot

Photoshopping a beetroot to look like a beauty pageant winner. For work.

Walking past Mary ‘Queen of Shops’ Portas on Roman Road (and possibly being caught on camera)

My new-to-me Russell and Bromley shoes arrived