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This sign on the way to work. I don’t know why but it just made me smile.
Poo discussions with Jonny.
Stoemp chat. So much more than mashed potato apparently.


My date scone sign still getting lots of positive comments at work. Everyone wants to be the random man.
Being called serene.
Grand Designs. And one I hadn’t seen before.


Seeing the sign we laboured over for weeks finally up above the shop

Getting off the tube a stop early on the way home and walking in the sun shine

Then arriving home to a glass of wine and some Boursin on toast. Delicious.


This sign outside a cafe near work

A slightly guilty trip into the charity shops on my lunch break. But £6 on a work top and a lovely salt shaker isn’t going to set the savings back too much

Going to see Hemingway’s Fiesta (the sun also rises). A brilliant, brilliant play at Trafalgar Studios.

smiles per hour

The sign my friend photographed in Australia.

The lovely man at the coffee shop who accepted the money I had for tea and carrot cake, rather than how much it actually cost.

Listening to the Scott Mills podcast and hearing how much money listeners had raised for Comic Relief.


This nice sign by a cafe near my office.

Listening to ‘I’d go anywhere’ from Oliver. A lot.

The checkout lady singing the Moonpig advert song to me.