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Hooooome. No more hen party.

Lying in the park, texting James.

Hearing that 100 Vaginas made the young women feel much happier with their vulvas. 😍

Also my plant has the beginnings of tomatoes and I went out for lunch on my own again. Hello vegan food and silence.

The idea that I might be able to buy a house. In Islington.

The abundance of blossom everywhere. Fleeting and beautiful.

Not listening to anything. Just silence


A probably bad person to start a conversation with. But distracting. Which I needed today.
Sun. Heat. Even when it was raining.
The right tube turning up first so I didn’t have to speak to anyone on the journey home.


My iced tea in the fridge this morning. It had a really cool two level effect and the teabags were floating totally upright.
Swimming and floating on my back, blocking out all the noise and all the people. It’s so nice to be in water.
Three desserts at dinner.


Sitting in the peace and quiet by the river and remembering what it’s like to be somewhere with no wind. So calm and still and so silent.
So many beautiful views of the sea as we drove further round the coast.
The cute 70’s kitchen in the youth hostel. Such thick paint, such shallow drawers.


Emailing with mum.
Making it to meditation and feeling happy to be there and part of a group.
Going for a walk from one work venue to another and hitting a really quiet, wind-free spot in town.