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Singing and driving the van. By myself.

The event looked good. And I chatted to Emma about crocheting vulvas for the Period Party. She’s cool.


Driving! And singing as loudly as I wanted to.

Helping Ben and Han clean the house before Christmas. Scrubbing stairs with toothbrushes, using the water Hoover and admiring Ben’s amazing work on the flooring.

Singing Christmas carols with nan. And her reaction to Ben. Plus I understood her today. She talked right to me. And her ‘steady on!’ to mum sounded just like the nan from my childhood. 

Singing Sean-a Paul loudly and dancing around at home.

Making dinner for my parents and singing Massa Massaman (you know, like that macho man song) (I made Massaman curry).

Just being at home. Having some time to be in a nice house alone.

Sharing my vagina pot news in the team meeting. Getting a high five.

Singing ‘The Greatest’ walking home. 

Feeling good in Serious Adult dress.

Loud singing, home alone.

Reading in the sun

Jonny freaking out about boarding passes. But pretending to be cool. But seriously. Do it now.

Putting up a few new bits of decoration. Bit of a wood, wicker and trees situation going on.

Mums talcum powder

Walking to the next village, singing loudly in the sun. I never get to sing out loud anymore.

Purple potatoes from Abel and Cole. They made the water turn blue.

A walk along the river.

Lighting a fire. Kind of badly it turns out. And smelling that fresh countryside air in the evening. I love it so much.

Breakfast crumpet.

Car lolz on the way down to Cornwall.

Car singing.

Walking past the Women of World War II memorial

Power ballads and Drake. And the resulting chair dancing.

Dinner and drinks with Georgie.

My first bubble tea. Served by a hilarious and lovely man.

Georgie saying lovely things about me. And Liam too apparently.

Walking to Holborn (as usual) and singing Call Your Girlfriend the whole way.

Oh and I ordered my new phone.


Getting to the top of Ingleborough. With Sophie
‘Exterior pockets are great for things you don’t want to put inside.’ Sophie, 2nd July.
Sophie falling over.
Singing in the car with Sophie
Going to find the big disco ball. With Sophie.
Being in Leeds for the first time. To visit Sophie
Beefcake spotting. With Sophie
Tinder and Bumble jokes. With Sophie.



A Muji trip for all the frosted plastic essentials.
Watching the VoiceLab choir perform with the refugee choir and Guy Garvey for the end of Meltdown Festival. So moving and so fantastic.
I went for a bloody run! Well, more of a jog. And it wasn’t that difficult. So proud of myself.


The view from the top of the tower.
The singing scouts in the square
Seeing the other aeroplane whizz past out the window.


Froggy farts
Salad for dinner with all my favourite things – broccoli, beetroot, pine nuts,  pomegranate, spinach and feta. Thanks Oslo.
Singing with Bradnam.


‘This is, Bushey’
A lovely walk in Hertfordshire, with the beginnings of green.
A night of beautiful singing (Hide & Seek was amazing), all fantastically organised by a great friend. Followed by fun drinks in a fun bar with a fun woman.


Pube. The one woman, one-to-one show at WoW where I undressed, washed my pubes and then cut some off to give to a woman who stuck them into a portrait of me.
Sue Perkins fucking up the start of her song. And Sandi saying ‘well it was shorter than I expected’
Singing on stage with 140 women and Sister Sledge to 2000 people, including Jude Kelly and Sandi Toksvig. Brilliant women and absolute idols. What an amazing night!


Rehearsing for Mirth Control and seeing our view out into the Royal Festival Hall from where we’ll be singing. Eek!
So much walking. Over two hours of London walking. And claimed as working hours. Win.
‘Who gave you that computer? The 1980’s?’


Wine with Holly
Realising my friends are fabulous. The 18 hour stress yesterday made me realise I’ll be okay. I won’t be dead and alone for days.


Double karaoke
A successful afternoon visit to the estate.
High kicking in the street.


An entire pub singing Mysterious Girl. Twice.
Our winning shots at pool.
An accidental big night out.


A moment of madness in the toilet
Promise by Ben Howard. Sung by the London Contemporary Choir. In Wilton’s Music Hall. Whilst blindfolded. Raising money for the Royal London Society for the Blind. So amazing. Especially after I’d listened to it really loud this morning. Such a beautiful song with perfect memories.
Imogen Heap. Such a fantastic singer. Plus she touched me. The last song gave me goosebumps.
(And also the Destiny’s Child remix by the London Contemporary Choir. I loved how they just appeared around us. So brilliant and you felt so in the music.)


A bratwurst. Well, two actually.
Family singing.
An evening all together.


Spending some time in a bookshop, looking at books.
Being proud of the family I’m from. So proud.
Walking home, a bit drunk, with Beyonce playing on repeat, singing into my scarf.


Going back and finding the 20c on the floor at Auckland airport so we could scrape all our last coins together to buy a bottle of water.
Singing along to ‘Call Me Maybe’ together on a little food high.
Landing in Beijing over Chinese New Year and seeing fireworks going off all around the plane and all over the city. Such an amazing thing to see. Happy Chinese New Year!


Singing ‘I am the Music Man’ at breakfast.
A colourful healthy lunch after yesterday’s beige-fest.
Delicious dinner. Wine. Deserts. It felt a bit like a date. I even put on perfume.


This postcard.
Singing ‘summertime blues’ really loudly, and wrong, in the car together. Compete with steering wheel thumping, leg slapping and head thrusting.
Peeing into the special campervan pee pot. TOGETHER.


Mums birthday cake. Such an amazing turtle.
Performing dad’s version of Hi Ho Silver Lining for mum’s 60th birthday. We had matching t-shirts, almost in-sync clicking and some¬†enthusiastic dance moves.
Playing Heads Up. With people who couldn’t quite see the writing. And lots of shouting.
Singing and dancing to Auld Lang Syne even though we didn’t know the words. Because, really, who does?
Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to lots more things of joy in 2015.
(Yes I know there’s four things but it was a really good day)


Seeing the pink lake, briefly.
Singing along to Nicki Minaj in the car.
Giggling over the silly jokes we wrote on our blog.


These penguins.
Someone bought another one of my oven mitts. So proud.
Going out as a flat for some drinks and some singing in the car.


An email from Jo – bent willies, YouTube kissing tutorials and big hugs.
The singing dudes at the market.
I finally finished the curtains for the van and managed to find a way to put them up without them looking shit!


Watching Jinkx Monsoon lip sync for her place in the final three of RuPaul’s season 5. She is hilarious!
Everybody singing loudly in meditation. I finally felt comfortable singing and it felt really good.
Watching the weather move across the city from my window. And feeling warm and dry inside.


Driving the car around together in the evening, singing along to the radio and feeling a bit like I was back home.
Seeing the city hills lit up against the black sky.
Lying on the bed, reading.