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Colleague free day. So, home after lunch to masturbate and lie around on the sofa.

Finally got dinner at the Soho Mildred’s. Found out Mildred was a prostitute.

‘Did you just “amirite” me?’ Glyn


A salad…with halloumi. I’m hoping the good outweighs the bad here. But regardless, it was delicious. Is there anything better than halloumi? I think not.

Drinks in the sun after work, talking about sausages, Germans and China.

A relaxed start to the working day with a long conversation with a lady at work. About things definitely not related to work.



Lying on my balcony in the sun and feeling properly hot and sweaty

A day where I got to do lots of things I’ve been trying to do but never found the time (or motivation). Basically I worked from home today and it meant I didn’t exactly spend all my time doing what I was supposed to do.

Trying on my travelling clothes. And getting excited.


The Death by Chocolate I had in the near by cafe. It was so chocolatey. Obviously.

Reading the papers over a cup of tea, in a new cafe, with my boyfriend, when I was supposed to be working.

Having him wash my hair in the bath