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A walking meeting, circling the park in the sun.

Walking home as the sun was setting across the park, watching birds up in the sky.

I bought the flowers. It’s done. It’s over.


The beautiful sky on the walk to work this morning.

New Muji stationery. Whoops. Couldn’t help myself.

Pressing the curtains seams in the living room and hanging out with housemates.

Seeing the early morning sky, with the sun peaking up, orangey-yellow, through the clouds.

Getting asked on a date.

Standing by the tube intersection door and getting the breeze all up in my hair. I love that feeling.

(I don’t have any photos that fit this. But I was sad that I didn’t use this fish photo the other day. So I’m putting it in. It’s my blog anyway and I can do what I want)

Pizza and beer at Crate to welcome home Bivan.

The sky as we came home.

Doing a pretty good job at my training in Leytonstone. I’m proud of myself. 

The sky this evening. It looked like it didn’t belong in London.

My massage. Sorting out my shoulder and being clicked every which way.

Leaving work early. Even though I started late. I wanted to be in the sun and sit in my garden and read my book. So I did. 

Cutting the grass.

Decaf iced coffee in the sun at Blighty, reading my book.

Beautiful clouds.

This funny tweet.

Walking around London with Jo. Plus a new Laos restaurant (with incredible rice) and a gallery.

The blue of the sky as I walked home, with the clouds super illuminated. There must have been a full moon.

The clouds, the light, the view. I’ll never tire of looking out that window.

Then the eerie orange light than made us feel like we were in some strange apocalypse film. The pollution apocalypse.

Delicious Korean food and I did it without eating meat.

Deciding to walk to the next station and stepping outside to a beautiful sky and a lovely morning.

Being early so having a quick walk on Hampstead Heath, looking at the frozen ponds and finding a frozen glove.

Discovering a tiny and lovely Japanese restaurant just down the road. I love my area.

New office. With big windows and sofas and beanbags and free tampons in the toilet.

New carpet.

Clean bed.

Beautiful morning sky

Recycling facts. I 💚recycling

News that Corinne walked into a glass door and perfectly imprinted her face onto it.


A moment to myself on the bench in the park, with the sun on my face
The colour of the sky as I left the office. With the beautiful sliver of moon hanging there.
Swimming in the lido after work, under the beautiful dark sky. It was amazing to look up and see the night above you.


Jonny. Beers. Game of Life.
Feeling more positive about my job again. Maybe I can do this.
The different skies today. Dark and brooding and then bright behind the Eye on the way home.


The beautiful soft clouds
Flat card games
Going for a drink


Shane was nice to me at work. Even though I quit. What was I so worried about!
Sister chat. I hope they get that house, it looks amazing.
The sky today. Beautifully blue and then such a lovely fade up from green to dark blue in the evening. I love clear skies.


The clouds wrapping over the mountains by Lake Tekapo.
Pear pancakes for breakfast.
Garage mechanic banter. “And this….is completely empty.” Oh.


The clouds. And the sunset.
The aquarium. The turtles were so cute and the sharks were cool. The rays were funny and the guides were so informative.
My period started. Just like that. No migraine. No days and days of waiting and waking up in the morning expecting it start halfway to the toilet.


A cool cloud that reminded me of dad.
First mince pie.
The smell of my deodorant, reminding me of holidays in Germany.


These cute squash. My boss bought them because she knew I’d love them.
Plucking out his ingrown hairs.
The beautiful deep blue sky on the walk home.


Sitting outside at lunch time to enjoy the gorgeous blue sky.
My first sewing knits class. It’s nice to learn new things again. And muttering ‘shit shit shit’ next to a woman also muttering ‘shit shit shit’.
Telling everyone what an absolute twat I am because I was too embarrassed (and British) to correct my sewing teacher when she thought I was someone else and called me by a. different name she even asked me directly ‘and how are you doing Lisa?’ And I answered! What an idiot. How am I ever going to correct her?! Oh well, at least it’s funny!


The beautiful day. Pure blue sky, no wind and it felt quite warm again.
The smell of a French campsite in summer, reminding me of all my wonderful relaxing holidays with my parents.
The Noble Family. Especially the Mexican version of a Michael Jackson song at the end credits.


The beautifully coloured sunset.
The sun shining through the crack in the backdoor at work.
Going out for dinner and drinks at two places we’ve never been before. Shabby chic and Spanish warmth.


The sky this morning
Walking out of work at the exact same time my boyfriend was walking past.
Listening to the birds on the way home. One sounded like a wooden xylophone.


A lovely little card from a friend.
….and the chilli chocolate brownie wrapped up inside. DELICIOUS.
Walking home in the surprisingly warm air and looking up at the stars.


The sky.
The Trip to Italy.
My almost nephew knowing my name and recognising me on Skype.


Making a noise just like wood pigeon through my nose whilst eating breakfast. There are lots of wood pigeons at my parents house and it reminded me of home. In a nose kind of way.
The beautiful blue sky.
The beautiful full moon.


Discovering RuPaul’s Drag Race. Hello new favorite programme. Ever. 
The second half of my meditation class where I managed to stop the voices in my head.
Walking down to the shops in the sun with the bright blue autumn sky above me.


The public toilet that played music.
The beautiful weather all day that let my parents see the amazing landscape. Accidentally timing the trip up Mt Victoria perfectly and watching the most incredible sunset that just kept getting better and better. The perfect end to a fantastic day.


New haircut. Plus the head massage.
Walking back from my haircut, looking at the moon, watching all the people out having fun and enjoying the still warm weather and listening to some great songs and just feeling happy. Probably because it’s not windy for a change!
The beautiful blue sky against the green trees at the top of the hill. And the hot weather that’s still with us.


The sunset
The adorable puppy that came into work.
Funny messages from my friends back home with stupid links that made me smile.