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The view from the roof

The tips of the tree turning orange

James’s wedding photos

Standing on the roof – almost looking at a London skyline. Always feels rebellious being on a roof.

More colleagues bonding. This time in a van.

Mildred’s. Finally. Very yummy.

The clouds, the light, the view. I’ll never tire of looking out that window.

Then the eerie orange light than made us feel like we were in some strange apocalypse film. The pollution apocalypse.

Delicious Korean food and I did it without eating meat.


The beautiful cold and misty morning walk over Waterloo bridge. And sharing that moment with a stranger.
The way the light came through the windows at work.
Playing with the litter pickers.


Standing out on the balcony at night, looking out over London, still boiling hot and chatting to Jonny.
Riding in the milk float. Bumpy but fun.
Being up early and seeing the market coming to life. Plus I got to walk to work in the shady coolness.