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Videos of Georgie trying to create lessons for her kids. But fucking it up.

Chatty Friday Andrew, just this time on Skype.

Watching Jonny play his Western game, putting on Southern accents.


Presents, cooking together, all the food, Jane and Tony coming over, all the cheers-ing, chatting to Stuart on the phone, my new DMs, Stick Man, skyping with the Fems, sitting in front of the fire, playing with Alexa, a feminist book from my brother, Alec’s weird melting video, playing the piano, Soph getting the body mop, Snapchat and naming a gravy boat after Stuart. 


This multicoloured plant.
Surfing down the sand dune.
Skype with the little nephew.


Skyping our best friends.
‘What I want is a face that can pick up a cup of tea’
Running across all the inflatables in the pool and landing in the blow up sofa.


An evening of camper work. Most of the wood work is done and the futon cushions are almost done.
Skyping the nephew. He had a cool badger jumper on.
A surprise cup of tea.


I love your cat poster.
Getting free wood and some absolute bargains at the charity shop for our camper conversion.
Skyping mum and dad.


Found a crafty sewing shop. And it’s lovely.
Skyped my parents and they looked healthy and happy sat in their sunny garden.
A cup of choco-chai and a chat on Cuba.


Going to an archery session.
Skyping into a surprise birthday party for a friend back home.
A flat dinner. Two chickens, loads of roast potatoes and lots of giggles about foreskins.


An adorable 3 year old boy on a Chinese talent show dancing and talking about happiness.
Skyping with friends back home and finding out where they’re getting married.
A delicious veggie curry and cheese roti wrap from the market.


Hearing crowds cheering in a song and having a sudden feeling that humans are actually pretty great and that together we can be really powerful and do good things. And other slightly hippy feelings.
Meeting my boyfriend for a quick lunchtime kiss and an ice cream in the sun.
Skyping two of my best friends at home. Catching up and getting advice.


Skyping with my parents this morning
Lying next to my boyfriend as he napped after work
Chatting to a friend back home and discovering he has a new girlfriend who he obviously really likes. It’s so nice to see him happy with a lovely lady.


A delicious soda made with homemade syrup (not homemade by me but by Six Barrel Soda)
Skyping with my three best friends back home
Watching two Grand Designs I’ve never seen before


This sign as I walked to meditation
Skyping with my parents
I had the most amazing, joyful experience at meditation. One that made me believe that it really will help.


Clearing out the loft with the family and discovering loads of old toys, photos and memories

The beautiful teapot from my friend for my birthday. It perfectly matched the cup I bought in the charity shop months ago.

A silly conversation on Skype with my boyfriend.


Spending some quality time with mum.

Just sitting and reading my book for a few hours.

A quick Skype chat with my boyfriend.


Apart from the obvious Christmas Day happiness…

The mouse in the garden. Tiny and adorable.

Mum and dad dancing to the new ABBA Wii game. So funny.

Opening my presents over Skype with my boyfriend.