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I put my artwork up.

Remembering I had vegan ice cream. Two types.

Sleeping in until 11am.

More orders. This time to Australia. My vulvas are going everywhere.
Going back to sleep after I woke up.
Reading reading reading. All day.

Watching my teabag seep into the hot water

Almost napping on the sofa

Finishing Killing Commendatore. Hours of reading on the sofa

Good Girls. I watched the entire thing.

A scone with butter and jam.

The afternoon nap that I really really needed. So much so that I slept through the building work going on outside. That never happens.

Sleeping next to him and waking up next to him. A really cuddly night. It was really nice.

The explanation for why my birthday card was late from my brother. That damn racoon is always causing trouble…

A day of cleaning and sorting and putting up photos. It felt semi productive. It’s a good starting point at least.

Sleeping and Grace and Frankie until 12. 

Lauren having to rip herself out of her trousers.

Seeing Stuart for the first time in 10 days. So nice to have cuddles. And plan all the fun things we’ll do together this year. And he gave me this lovely waffle jumper that sort of matches Jonny’s!

Waking up drunk. Remembering what a fun night it was last night.

Coming home to a little nap.

Going to bed early to read. I haven’t done that in a long while.


Seeing Jonny. It feels like it’s been ages. I ran up to him I was so excited. We went to our usual Turkish date night restaurant.
A nap in the afternoon. I love ‘working’ from home.
A super generous and totally unexpected donation from a colleague for my midnight Ben Nevis walk.


Driving the big van at work.
A head massage and a good haircut.
Being back in Hannah’s bed with her comfy pillows.


A lie in.
A lot of reading.
A tight cuddle at the end of the day.


Free room service. Hello sticky date pudding.
A bed to sleep in.
A subscription to Headspace as a birthday present from Jo.


My housemate accidentally knocking a ball into his own face.
Finding out that ‘cup of tea’ in Maori sounds like ‘tup-a-tea’.
Listening to some meditation podcasts. The sleeping one knocked me out completely.


Skyping with my parents this morning
Lying next to my boyfriend as he napped after work
Chatting to a friend back home and discovering he has a new girlfriend who he obviously really likes. It’s so nice to see him happy with a lovely lady.


The sleepy little girl on the tube

Snoozing in the sun

Dad texting me to say that blue tits have started making a nest in the bird box that my boyfriend made him for Christmas

Image: Peter Grimmett/Alamy