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Working with my legs in the sun

Our little business was hired to work for World Book Night. A night in a library, telling posh, rich women about what we do, eating delicious cake for free and being paid for it. Yes please.

Warm evening air and the smell of cigars. Reminds me of holidays in France when I was younger


Smell of wood dust on the tube

That feeling you get after one drink at the end of work

That feeling you get after three drinks at the end of work



This, from Buzzfeed. Oh Buzzfeed, the hours I waste on you.

Pretending to be on the phone to ignore someone but in the process getting to talk out loud to myself on the street, something I’ve never properly done before. It’s fun.

The smell of burning paper. Although this smile was wiped off my face when I turned the corner and realised someone had set fire to a recycling bin.


The smell of wood smoke and a blue sky. It’s made me yearn for a day in the countryside.

A bunch of perfectly crisp red grapes. Which I demolished in record time.

Paperman, the new short film from Disney.


Smelling the wonderful plants outside the flat as I walked past.

Deciding to take things slowly, without stress and stay calm. A stroll to the shops, stopping work when I’m meant to and enjoying being a bit more relaxed and peaceful. (Please let this last, please god let this last).

Watching Jon Richardson’s new DVD and laughing so much I cried.


The delicious mince pies my boss brings in every year. They are actually voted Best in Britain. And they must be. They turned two of us from mince pie haters into mince pie lovers.

The Christmas smells that keeps washing over me. Cinnamon, orange, wood fires and that indescribable but undeniable smell that just is Christmas.

The new volunteer at work giving me a Christmas goodbye hug.


The Christmas smell

Watching my boyfriend struggle with the past few days of advent calendar clues

Seeing a small dog get scared by a big teddy in a shop window.

Image: vir4l


The smell of cut grass.

The huge pile of swept up leaves. I sorely wanted to kick through them. But managed to reign back my childish longings.

Ticking a few things off my to do list. Finally.

Image: cedarposts

orange half peeled

The smell of orange as the lady next to me ate one on the overground. It smelt sharply of Christmas (yes that word again)

Having my third session of IPL. One step closer to no body hair stresses (well…fewer body hair hair stresses)

Watching several simultaneous firework displays from my flat, nose pressed against the window.

Image: Sweet Violet