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20130404-224407.jpgThe very smiley bearded man who walked last the shop and smiled. Widely. Sadly not the man above.

The bird in the bin area that looked annoyed at my interruption

Just talking about my day with my boyfriend. Making him laugh and telling him stories

Lovely image of a cloud hugging the sun.

Finishing both my jobs by 6.10. Time to turn off the laptop.

An email from a celebrity that I love. And it had a kiss on the end!

The name of this charity shop. I’m not against helping donkeys in the Holy Land, but it wouldn’t be my first choice of charity.

Seeing my nan smile.

The train conductors announcements “hello beautiful people. The next stop on this magical mystery tour is Croyden.”

smiles per hour

The sign my friend photographed in Australia.

The lovely man at the coffee shop who accepted the money I had for tea and carrot cake, rather than how much it actually cost.

Listening to the Scott Mills podcast and hearing how much money listeners had raised for Comic Relief.


Dawn French’s big grin on her advert poster for her new book.

Taking a slow and relaxed journey. No rushing for the tube, no fast walking, no darting around people who are walking ever so slightly slower. Who knew getting somewhere in London could be so relaxing.

A night in with my boyfriend. Amazing dinner, few glasses of wine and cuddles.

take a smile

Today is World Smile Day. So take a smile.

Go on, there’s loads.

Image: Pumpkin Soup