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Darned my favourite socks.

Updated my website. At long last.

Sewed up my bikini top so I can wear it. And it’s finally not in a pile on the chair.

Shovelling wood chip.

Taking my socks off.

A really productive evening – photoshoots, cleaning, two loads of washing, ironing, an Insta post AND Love is Blind Japan.

Borrowing socks from Adam and completing my great outfit for today.

I feel happy again today! I chatted to Adam all day, I made jokes, I smiled, I sent a nice message to Stuart. I feel like me again!

I found another £5 note on the floor.

When his socks matched the floor of the Tate. And the woman next to us laughed too.

Getting hyped up on coffee and going to see the fatberg. And the cat memes that helped to get women the vote.

Discount Suit Company. Cocktails and chats.


Taking about science at work. Soap, stars and space.
Not That Kind Of Girl. Again. Good book.
A photo of my mum’s feet in her fluorescent NZ socks.


A newspaper article about happiness. *warmth spreading*
Putting on hot socks straight out the drier and then putting on warm slippers. Toasty toes.
Starting to write about our journey. My first book. Perhaps.


Getting the new Caitlin Moran book. And for free.
The Grand Budapest Hotel.
Putting on fresh, clean socks after a long day of work with sweaty feet. And after a shower.


Finding a scarf in a vintage shop with a dog on that looks just like our old dog, Dingo.
Big woolly socks. God I love big woolly socks.
Having lunch in Martha’s Pantry – a girly, floral cafe filled with cakes, pastels and all sorts of twee things.