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The sweet little breakfast place. Croissants and coffees outside in the courtyard. 

Getting home and scrubbing my feet and washing my hair. No more vomit feet or smokey locks. It feels so good to be clean.

Being on my own. Amazing holiday but nice to have some time to myself again.

The beautiful Vitosha mountain. All the colours of autumn and with frozen drops blowing from the trees. And BulgeArea.

Delicious Bulgarian pastries for breakfast. In a room filled with birthday bunting and balloons.

Playing the penis game outside at the cocktail bar.

Waking up to my new blind shutting out most of the light. My little room looks so cosy now.
Leaving the house for the airport and realising – I’m going to Bulgaria! Took a while to hit me but I’m excited now.

BULGARIA! All the cheese for dinner and then the beautiful, candlelit bar with the rafters. So perfect.