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A train nap. And a home nap.

An M&S pizza.

Snoop Dogg’s affirmations song.

The tiny fluffy puppy jumping around the street.

This Little Light of Mine coming on just as I needed it.

Making a vulva with the Candid Collective. I didn’t want to go but I’m glad I did. My tablepals were lovely and I learnt about Sexplain. EDIT: one of my tablepals was a low level celeb that I watched on TV on loved and totally didn’t realise was him!

The Female Persuasion. I read over half the book today and finished it. So good.

Cross legged Freddie in the bath.

An almost sunny day when it was supposed to rain a lot. I got to be outside, listening to new music. And discovering an song that I really needed: My Name Isn’t

This song.

Spending time in Waterstones.

Finding out more about guts. I’m excited to see what this can fix.

I’m going to be in a documentary. And I helped them find the perfect old woman for it too.

Walking through the park after doing my tubes. It would have been lovely to stay there for a while. And I like the old gardeners in the mini park next to the park too.

California by Grimes.

My cross over bra under the green top. I love this look. I love it so much that I rewore a sweaty bra just so I could do it.

Rediscovering Ghost by Ella Henderson. Can’t stop singing it.

Texting Jen across the desk all day. It was fun to bond again. Even if it was through being a bit bitchy.

The sun, the birds, meditation. General happiness. I feel like the happiness could just burst out of my chest today.

You Can Call Me Al on the tube. Remembering Al’s wedding.

Conference giggles. The adorable old lady, stroke poo, texting Jen. And Joff. And Danny.

Playing ALMA – Dye My Hair on repeat.

Boxercise with Becky. It’s more fun when you have someone to giggle with.

A chat with Matt about books and podcasts.

ADDITION: a sleepover with Hannah, talking into the night like 10 year olds.

Moules frites by Stomae. Thanks Gust for sharing this song with me. #obsessed


National Portrait Gallery, drinks and Vietnamese dinner with Jonny. Oh I love him. I’ve missed him. He’s my everything.

Sharing my vagina pot news in the team meeting. Getting a high five.

Singing ‘The Greatest’ walking home. 

Feeling good in Serious Adult dress.

Run run run run

Sitting in the sun at the little Surrey train station, waiting for my train.

Dinner and sofa chats with Jo.


Some very funny WhatsApp conversations. ‘Take that Starbucks’ and baggage chat with Ciaran and Alec.
Lots of new music. So much dancing to Ferrari by Yemi Alade and singing to Riot by Bibi Bourelly.
Date night, shopping with Jonny. So much Mexican food and too many beers. Obviously.


Dad got the job!
I whittled a spatula.
Yes Bitch. K Rizz.


Dancing to Breadfruit in the kitchen with coffee.
Just smiling for no reason, crossing the bridge.
The first two beers.


Beyoncé. Formation. I slay.
A night with the flatties, meeting the new flattie. He seems really nice.
Cooking a proper meal again.


Seaside graffiti.
Knee dancing.
Finally figuring out what the song is.


Speaking a bit of French to the French man at work.
‘La, la la la la la la, tea… no thanks I’ll have a beer’
Shoe shopping.


Singing ‘I am the Music Man’ at breakfast.
A colourful healthy lunch after yesterday’s beige-fest.
Delicious dinner. Wine. Deserts. It felt a bit like a date. I even put on perfume.


Sewing the cases for our camper mattress cushions.
Striding out to Beyonce, Flawless.
Beautifully smelling washing. Hello delicious clean bed.


Meghan Trainor. All about that bass.
A colourful dinner.


Finding a piece of foam the perfect size for our camper bed in a craft shop and the woman selling it to me for just $10. It’s like it was meant to be.
Singing XO at the bus stop, surrounded by the smell of some beautiful flowers.
Having the car registered to my name. It’s fully ours now.


Listening to All You Need Is Love and mouthing along as I walked up the hill.
Having a WhatsApp chat with my boyfriend.


Beyoncè and Nicki Minaj – Flawless.
More fabric!
Complimentary tickets booked for a film tomorrow.


This weird double lemon that looks a bit like lemony testicles.
A silly song on YouTube
The cat giving me ‘love bites’.


The cat leaning on me and rubbing his face on my nose. He’s not normally this affectionate.
Bubble Pop by Hyuna. So catchy.
Spending the evening alone, wrapped up in blankets, jumpers and a hot water bottle, watching back to back Sex and the City.


Listening to the Scott Mills podcast.
Walking to the bus stop listening to The Music and looking out over the whole of the city lit up.
Looking through all the photos on o our blog from our travels.


Getting to do something a bit different at work as my colleague is on holiday. Today: measuring out ingredients for chilli chocolate brownie. And then photographing it, just because.
Listening to Dancing on my Own again. This time in the shower. Still dancing, still smiling.
A SnapChat from my flatmate of him singing Smooth Operator whilst driving.


Watching my flatmates do the 30 day ab challenge.
Being a bit of a cliche and playing ‘dancing on my own’ loudly and dancing in my room, on my own and smiling for every second of it.
A delicious dinner cooked by my flatmates and shared with us. Roast chicken and vegetables. God I love roast beetroot. 


Watching a Vine of Of Monsters And Men and remembering what a great sing Little Talks is. I listened to it a few times as I got ready for work. It reminds me of traveling through Russia on the Trans Siberian with some brilliant people, all singing this sing repeatedly.
A photo of my housemates face after a three day trek through a national park on Costa Rica. Hilarious.
Free ciabatta!


Listening to Beyonce’s new song, Grown Woman, on repeat and dancing around with no clothes on, feeling positive about my wobbly bits, hairy bits and spotty bits

…which probably had something to do with finding this site. A Beautiful Body Project by Jade Beall. A wonderful idea. I can’t wait to see the book

Reading about farting out cum after anal sex on Vagenda. So unexpected and made me laugh so much I had a few tears in my eyes.