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The second half of the sound bath. All the twinkly music.

Walking. I did all my steps after barely moving for a week.

Treating myself to a Greek lunch.

This curly wurly tree.

The Sound Bath with Soph.

Gossiping with her about the two weirdos afterwards as we waited for a train.

Seeing the wooden planter steaming gently in the sun, as the water evaporated off.

The Sound Bath with Sophie. Really relaxing and dreamy.

Linking arms and walking along laughing.


The pop up message from Michael.
The sound bath. The sounds falling on me and washing over me.
Touching Josie Long.


When the bus comes over Waterloo Bridge in the morning and the sun shines right in. I still love the view down the river to Big Ben, the London Eye and Southbank.
“I’m just putting it out there”
The sound bath. Exactly what I needed.