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Lunch with Rosie and Jim.

Showing them my favourite bits of the Tate.

Walking home, finding new streets.

A party in a greenhouse after the park has shut. Plants, fairy lights and too much food.

Playing hide and seek.

Driving over the bridge, seeing St Paul’s Cathedral lit up. Still my favourite view in London and always a treat when you accidentally have to get an Uber back from south of the river.


Finding this incredible photo of St Paul’s in WWII again.
Feeling excited about this job.
Loud music. In the morning and the evening.


Going for dinner with a friend that I hardly ever see, but should see way more of

St Paul’s Cathedral at night. Again. I just love it.

Getting the email address of a famous person I admire, for work reasons. But I love having it in my phone. Fingers crossed she replies.

Image: cybaea


My sugar packet

Going for a drink with my boyfriend

Deciding to stop on Hungerford Bridge and take a minute to look at my favourite view in London, St Paul’s cathedral lit up at night.


First mince pie of the year. Shut up, I know it’s November.

Seeing the beautiful St Paul’s cathedral glowing in the night skyline.

John Richardson. Hilarious.

Image: wasaweb