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We can’t scientifically prove the moon isn’t an old spaceship.

Seeing four of Jupiter’s moons.

Rice pudding.

The adorable cottage we’re staying in

Looking up and seeing the stars

Just getting away. Away away away.


Walking over the Malvern hills
Volleyball as the sun sets
Sitting round the fire, under the stars, with my cousins. Talking about vaginas, nipples and tit tape.


Playing cards.
Glowworms at Waitomo.
Watching the bright stars out the van window when we were in bed. I even saw a shooting star.


Taking about science at work. Soap, stars and space.
Not That Kind Of Girl. Again. Good book.
A photo of my mum’s feet in her fluorescent NZ socks.


A lovely little card from a friend.
….and the chilli chocolate brownie wrapped up inside. DELICIOUS.
Walking home in the surprisingly warm air and looking up at the stars.


Flowers from the sweetest customer.
Taking a moment to myself, looking up at the stars and enjoying the fresh air on the way home from work.
Stacking cards on top of the cat and our sleeping housemate.