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Spotting this adorable bit of Street art.

Finding a ten pound note. And spending it on delicious drinks and custard straws for my colleagues.

Watching the clouds change in the park at lunch.

A kind email from John.

Having the swimming lane to myself. Calm water and slow moves on my back.



This owl graffiti that looked like a damp patch.
The freshly cut grass on the walk to work.
85p naans. Exactly when I wanted cheap naan. Thank you universe.


No laughing.
Waking around Bristol in the sun.
Playing pool.


Feminist graffiti
“If you like it then you should have put a lid on it”
I got a job! One that seems nice and lovely with friendly people!


This. Awful but kind of funny too.
All the street art in Christchurch, in place of buildings.
Teasing mum and winding her up like I’ve always done.


This street art by Aakash Nihalani.

My boyfriend coming home from work early. 3 hours early.