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My chest cracking doing the wheel in yoga

My outfit. The mustard trousers, peak of white shirt, black jumper and denim jacket.

Emailing Stuart.


Yoga. Distracting, stretchy yoga.

Grace and Frankie. Especially the vagina chat. Yas queens. Then when I was searching for a photo for this blog I discovered that Frankie does vagina artwork. God I love her. This is one of my favourite pieces by Frankie Bergstein.

Hearing from J Lo. Bambee. Glad he’s keeping that going.

Pretty Dorking and autumn trees.

Selasi’s ‘since the end of Bake Off’ story. He’s feeling pretty relaxed about it.

Some home yoga after work to relax. 


Walking down to there pool and seeing the clear blue sky, feeling no wind and looking out at the flat, beautiful sea. Felt a bit bad that I was about to pay to go into a pool. Although it would have been freezing out there!
Seeing photos of the house we’ll be staying at in Australia in December. Oh my god. It’s going to be so good!
A man doing some stretching at the swimming pool that looked like he was grinding on an invisible partner.