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Lunch with Tash, talking about the robotic lobster cat toy. I haven’t had a roast dinner for ages.

Watching The Chair, with a candle lit.

Messaging Corinne. But also how happy she is with the dungarees I made her.

A long walk in the woods with Jim. Yellow leaves, grey sheep and green fields.

A home cooked Sunday lunch with loads of gravy.

No headphones, no traffic. Just quiet.

Free train

Cute dog on the tube

Delicious veggie Sunday roast

My breakfast. A smashed egg on sourdough. 

A nut roast, cooked by my housemates.



A mum roast lunch
Marmite on fresh bread
Brushing nan’s hair


Ironing dogs
Double roast
The best custard. Like, the BEST.


Seeing friends at Ming’s birthday lunch
Accidentally coughing straight into his mouth
Sunday roast. Gotta love a Yorkshire pudding


Getting my micro fleece for travelling I.e. getting to go shopping. Yay!

Our roast dinner – pork, crackling, amazing Yorkshire pudding and crispy potatoes. Well worth not being a vegetarian for a day

A message from my mum



One of mums Sunday lunches. And it was the best one ever.

Playing Cludo with my boyfriend and dad. No winning.

Sleeping Naked Mole Rats on Africa.


Going to Brighton for the day. My most favourite place ever.

Having a big Sunday lunch with my family.

Coming home with lots of books for the pop up and vintage fabric for….well I’m not sure yet. It for something.


A few more baby cuddles

A big Sunday lunch with most of his family

Discovering that Cabaret has come to London


Seeing dad and getting a big daddy cuddle
Squelching through the mud in the woods on a walk with mum and dad
Sunday lunch cooked by mum, the best kind of Sunday lunch there is.