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Free train

Cute dog on the tube

Delicious veggie Sunday roast

Spent seven hours watching Grace and Frankie in the living room with Matt. And then the other housemates. 

Had a roast cooked for me for dinner.

And got warm, freshly baked banana bread afterwards. Good Sunday. 

Matt cooking me eggs for a hungover breakfast.

Matt cooking us a roast for a still slightly hungover Sunday dinner.

Gusty having his baby!


A mum roast lunch
Marmite on fresh bread
Brushing nan’s hair


Curtain arguments with Alec and Liam.
The ridiculously huge platter of meat. And the tastiest potatoes ever. Thanks Blacklock.
More of that delicious carrot cake. I could eat that everyday.


Veggie roast
Walking home
The bear on the ceiling (not the one in the picture)


Our slightly unconventional Sunday road. Yep, they are fish fingers.
Clearing the van and planning our conversion.
Smashing out our market shop in record time and for a record low budget. We’ve really got good at this.