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A lie in.

Seeing the caterpillars and their webs on PW.

A delicious picnic in the park with Han.

Watching Fiona on live TV. Twice!

Going out with the volunteers in the afternoon, in the sun, and actually doing some work myself.

Chatting to Alison. Snips from newspapers from Caroline. Migraine medication news from Chris. The volunteers are lovely.

Lying in the sun, listening to Polly play with Dottie and Fred and Daisy.

ABBA Voyage! I got goosebumps when they appeared. They had shadows! It was amazing.

Singing at the top of my voice.

Finished my book in the sun.

Watching the Capture the Flag game.

Sitting around a fire at night, laughing with the Dowes.

The sun. It felt like a summer holiday day.

The beautiful wildflower meadow next to the campsite.

Charts with various family members. A quiet chat with Richard. A fun chat with Kim Chris and Hannah. A migraine chat with Den.

First day of the new managers position. I told Andrew and he rang to congratulate me.

Leaving work at lunchtime, walking through the park in the sun.

Fam Camp. Being outside in the sun. Stroking dogs.

Seeing the fox drinking from the scrape pond as I walked to work.

Having a nap on the sofa with the evening sun on me after work.

Dinner with Holly and Jana. The food was great and it was a nice evening.

Lying in the sun in the park, reading. First time this year.

A clean tidy kitchen.

A free book from outside someone’s house.

Clean bedsheets.

Sun in the park on the bench.

Fridge full of new food that’s full of protein.

Such a great day!

Accidentally meeting Hannah’s brother on the train.

Perfect amount of poke.

New sunglasses.

Lying on the beach in the sun.

Throwing stones at other stones.

Playing the 2p slots on the pier.

A loopdeloop rollercoaster.

Recreating Dawson’s Creek under the pier.

Singing along to live music by the beach bar.

19 lovely people at my dementia friendly walk. And it was sunny and we found all the colours of the rainbow.

Feeling lots of feelings Hannah.

Leaving work on a Friday when the sun is shining and there’s a three day weekend ahead.

BW in the sun for a small time this morning.

Driving the van and singing.

Bake Off the Musical. Absolutely bonkers.

The graffiti with the goggly eyes.

When the sun came out at lunchtime and I could have a small break in the sun on the bench.

Sending Jen the things I value about her.

Lying in the sun on my bed wearing sunglasses and a big floppy sun hat.

Meeting Jo at the Tate.

My cousins and Damien at the BBQ.

A new park. With animals in.

The lovely pagoda area.

Elliott still remembers me and loves me!

Sitting in the sun at lunchtime.

Swapping smiles with the girl that did a giant leap over the big puddle.

Kale crisps.

Knowing I needed to come home from work.

Lying in the sun on my bed.

Spotting the best holding a biscuit on my blind.

Eating a European fruit pot. I love those things.

Lying on the sun lounger, in march, in a wet bikini and feeling the warmth of the sun. It felt like I was on a summer holiday.

Standing in the rain room at the fancy spa.

Walking to work through drifting snowflakes

Remembering I had a watermelon to eat.

Being out in the park with the warmth of the sun on me and hearing the birds.

The sun felt warm today.

Watching Hannah pull a pillow over her mouth to bite.

The New York scaffolding video.

Waking up with her here, cuddled up behind me.

Sitting on a bench in Aster in the sun at lunchtime with Adam.

Homemade kale crisps.

Kissing her thigh after her shower.

Lying in the sun on my bed, reading.

Walking to Tesco listening to afrobeat, swaying my hips in time.

Another lovely sunny health and nature walk. Plus the Big Boss came on it and had a lovely time. Winner!

The cool clay/plaster of Paris art thing that Cat showed me to do with the teenagers.

A sneaky little gossipy chat with Sally before leaving early.

Punch needle cushion. Only a year late!

Sitting on my bed in the sun, feeling warm and calm and happy.

A walk around the park in the sun. No music, no podcasts.


The sun came out towards the end of the work day which was lovely.

Baked apples.

When it stopped raining and the sun came out and we wandered along the canals. I was arm in arm with Jonny.

The first Be Real notification.

Talking about granddad’s at dinner, with blankets and heat lamps, outside the restaurant.

I saw the fox twice.

Talking about mental health in the MHA meeting.

Sitting out in the sun for a respite from my screen.

Blue sky volunteer day, without Syd or Louisa.

Sally’s stories about Hassan and Franc.

Buying cheesy potato croquettes.

The air in Hampshire. It smelt like home.

The amazing sunset on the train back in.

Sitting in the sun talking to Jo.

Leaving early.

The sun shining as I walked home through the park. It was so nice seeing a bright blue sky again.