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Tidying. The flat looks calmer.

The woman who swore on Any Answers

Finishing the (written) to do list.

Standing on the roof – almost looking at a London skyline. Always feels rebellious being on a roof.

More colleagues bonding. This time in a van.

Mildred’s. Finally. Very yummy.


Sunny office at LCR.
Lunch with Gabby
Norwood swearing.


The tree decoration.
The big double family Christmas.
When Hannah said shit by accident in the middle of Christmas dinner.


Lots of muttered ‘fucks’ in the office. I like an office that swears. In fact I like this office full stop. Such a lovely day.
The red tree.
All the reclaimed wood and Mac’s in the cafe in Hackney. So hipster.


A nice email from James telling me he’s as overwhelmed as I am at work.
Rachel muttering swear words at her computer.
Trapping umbrellas with a stranger. They didn’t find it as amusing as me though.


Ginger ice cream, jam tarts and strawberries.
Sue swearing loudly in the middle of the shop, oblivious to the old customer behind her.
Shutting all the curtains in the van and turning on the light. Its going to be so cosy!


Selling my first oven mitt at work.
“That little fucker”
A real Kiwi Afghan.


This dog stencil on the wall of the office I was in. Random and adorable

Walking across London Bridge with all the commuters, in the early morning sun. I think I was the only one grinning like a loon, excited to finally be one of those classic London commuters.

Writing the list of rules for the new company office. Including one that reads ‘call each other cunt if appropriate’