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Being at Knepp with Jen and Fiona.

Watching the sun set behind the tents with the fire on.

Fire cooked sweetcorn.

Sweetcorn from a tin. My favourite.

Another successful Period Party online.

An afternoon nap.

Another free pattern from Rosamund. No zips and it looks really lovely.

Pizza, avocado and sweetcorn for dinner. No morals needed on a day like today.

Talk French to me.


The beautiful walk in the sun back at my parents. Mum stole some sweetcorn and we all ate blackberries.
The mushroom growing in the middle of the road.
Sitting round the fire in the garden.


Tinned sweetcorn.
Feeling in charge of the van. It feels like my domain now.
Breakfast together and walking to work.  It was nice having him around this morning.


I finally got the sewing machine! I can start making things again.
An email from dad asking us to help him surprise mum on her birthday this year.
The delicious salad I had at lunch. God I love spinach and sweetcorn.


Hot buttery sweetcorn
Having a nice evening bonding with a housemate that I don’t normally hang out with on my own
The finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race, especially Joslyn’s wedding.


The smell of sweetcorn at work, reminding me of summers in France.
My colleague missing her mouth and spilling water down her front.
The beautiful blue sky as I walked home from work.