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Speaking to Simone on the phone this morning. It cheered me up, even when I thought it wouldn’t.

Achieving things and doing practical things like buying more mouse traps and re-editing the book pitch. Especially as I thought I would do nothing today.

Watching Grayson Perry’s Art Club. What a lovely calming programme. I love his laugh so much. And I love how he and Philippa are together.

Also a really lovely, long WhatsApp conversation with Corinne about things from the last few days.

Deciding to say something and it actually turning out well. I feel closer to him again.

Almost finished the curtains!

Housemates (nearly) altogether, watching Queer Eye. Such an adorbs old man.


Doing some sewing. It’s nice to do something creative, absorbing and physical again.
Seeing Venus in the sky.
Chatting to Liv. She helped get me out of an afternoon slump.


Decided to not bail on tonight’s plans and was really glad I didn’t. Left the house grinning, excited to not be sat at home looking at my laptop and thinking about all the things I should be doing

An evening of feminist chat and heartfelt confessions with a close friend. And maybe a little bit too much pale ale.

Coming home to a drunken conversation with my boyfriend


Going to the new cafe for lunch. And it was good. And cheap. And the man was very friendly.

A chat with mum

A teeny tiny dog in a bag

20130404-224407.jpgThe very smiley bearded man who walked last the shop and smiled. Widely. Sadly not the man above.

The bird in the bin area that looked annoyed at my interruption

Just talking about my day with my boyfriend. Making him laugh and telling him stories


Singing along to some great songs on the radio on the way back from New Year

Spending some time with my boyfriend in the car, chatting about all sorts

Playing a silly game with his parents in the evening.