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The back yard looks so tidy after the big clear up!

Finished the jeans!

Task Master and a pizza.

Task Master.

Walking a different way to work and getting to walk through the lower park. It was so peaceful and pretty.

The TikTok of the easily scared mum. I honestly cried.

Brambling. Not watching the volunteers.

Task Master.

Clicking my back.

I ate my mop TikTok.


Task Master.


Four dark chocolate ginger biscuits.

Task Master.

Printing vulva labels at work.

Free food for rescuing a Gousto box.

Task Master. Again

Shower affirmations

Task Master

Whacking a pomegranate

Working with Sally. She cheers me up.

Task Master.


Going to meet Ronain soon.

Did some movement and some random yoga.

Task Master.

Smashed pea lunch with Jo and Noah.

Task Master – blind shape geometry.

I sent my first ‘rude’ newsletter.

Going for a walk with Nina and talking about sex education.

Task Master.

The sun and the almost melted snow.

My stamp arrived. And the ink pad arrived at the same time!

Task Master. Haven’t watched it in a while and it made me laugh.

Clicking my back after a day of feeling sore from endo. Not sure if they’re connected but it made my back feel nicer.

Takeaway pizza.

Roast parsnips.

Task Master.

Wishing it would rain so I could watch it out and window. And then it did!

Daisy May Cooper trying to make a quiet cocktail on Task Master.

Starting the cute little finger puppets for Fred.

Hot cross buns.

Task Master.

Nut roast. And Selling Sunset.

Task Master.

A Good Egg Zoom chat.

Hard backed envelopes. The beginning of the new vulva enterprise.

A walk along the river with the sky bright blue and some cows.

Dancing to raise the energy. With Taylor of course.

More Task Master. I’m not ashamed. I love it.

Autumn colours.

Sliding on the slippery wooden floor in mum’s socks.

Seeing Martha in the dungarees I made her.

Task Master. Again.

Autumn trees.

Chocolate biscuits.

Task Master.