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A walk along the river with the sky bright blue and some cows.

Dancing to raise the energy. With Taylor of course.

More Task Master. I’m not ashamed. I love it.

Religious ham sandwich vulvas. I forgot how much I loved this.

Incredible posh crisps in the park with Becky

Chatting pegging with Charlie and Jana

Beautiful Ronda. Big bridges, great views and reading in parks.

Singing Taylor and Justin together as we drove back to the finca. Happy women vibes.

Ping pong spaff. 


Afternoon giggles in the Hackney office
What are you wearing tomorrow Andrew?
Noel Gallagher’s views on Taylor Swift in NME.


Cruising on the canal boat.
Surprising Hannah. With the canal boat.
Singing along to Bad Blood. On the canal boat.


When Taylor Swift came on at the gym.
Not talking until 6pm.
Being focused and the hours slipping away as I worked on my job application.


Hearing Taylor Swift and Sam Smith LOADS on our long drive up to Scotland.
The kids making sex finger actions at us over their garden wall. Their faces when I returned the gesture was hilarious.
Crispin at breakfast. That guy.