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Eating a whole punnet of strawberries.
Friends, in a sunny pub, with pizza.
Walking home listening to Revolution


Blue skies in Brighton with the Beatles playing.
A massage from Sue.
Giggling and gossiping with mum on the phone on the way home.


Listening to All You Need Is Love and mouthing along as I walked up the hill.
Having a WhatsApp chat with my boyfriend.


Watching the video of the Lion King cast sing Circle of Life on the plane. Twice. God I love that show.
Singing and dancing to the Beatles.
A delicious dinner. Turns out things do taste better when you’re selective about ingredients and don’t just chuck every vegetable you have into the dish.


A lovely girl we interviewed this morning. She was so sweet and happy, she reminded me of my cousins wife. One of those people that just make you feel better about things

Spending the evening away from my laptop. Instead I did some good old scrubbing and cleaned the bathroom singing along to the Beatles

One month today we leave the UK for a year and half of traveling. Oh blimey…I think I need to sit down


20130319-212602.jpgGetting to see my boyfriend before he left in the morning

Singing along to the Beatles alone in the office

A beer at work