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The Supremes as vulvas, from Alex.

Vegan haggis. No idea why it was called haggis but it was so tasty.

A casual morning, waking up next to Han and going out for brunch before cake and The Office

My V is for Vulva book arrived.

Last day at work before Christmas. I’m so done.

Spending the evening watching The Office with Jonny


“I’m just going to tell you now, I hate those boots.”
“Okay, is there any point in me getting them out the box?”
An accidental takeaway with Jonny at Godfrey. Not quite the dinner I’d planned to cook him at my house.
… whilst watching The Office. Free love on the free love freeway!


Anticipating my cookie
The American Office
Finding photos of the two of us


Smelling someone smoking a cigar. It reminded me of holidays in France with my uncle. I wish I could be there now.
The beautiful cocker spaniel in the lift.
Relaxing in front of The Office.


The smell of mint when I opened the new peppermint teabags
Dalston Curve Garden. So beautiful and lovely to sit in the sun drinking tea surrounded by grass.
The Office.