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Mum’s operation went okay.

Confusing Dolly Alderton and Dolly Parton.

Managing to organise an extra page of vulvas into the booklet.

Sally was around. Everything feels better when Sally is around.

Walking with Rosie and telling her about the booklet being nearly ready.

My boob photo on the internal comms 🤣

Lovely Veronica who helped with all three of my colposcopies.

No longer having high grade abnormal cell changes on my cervix!

The dorky video I made about it.

Being at work on my own and being able to print some things and look up some things and generally just not really do any work.

Finished my punch needle cushion. It’s pretty cute actually.

Got some good vulva drawings done.

Finishing the vulva booklet. I’m really proud of it!

Hannah brought round a tupperware of food and jelly and a plant. 🥹

Lots of hours of chatting. And being told I’m very funny and good with words.

Finally BM after months and months. Three times.

Drew some vulvas on my tablet.

Went to bed when I was tired without looking at my phone and then realised it was 7.15pm.

What a JOLLY outfit!

When the sun came out and you could feel the warmth of it on your face.

Got some edits back from Aziza. We’re inching closer to getting the booklet ready!

A successful Islam and nature walk. People liked it. And it didn’t rain.

An afternoon spent on the sofa watching Love is Blind and seeing vulvas.

She suggested a third date. ☺️

Remembering I had hot cross buns I could eat for breakfast.

Doing a YouTube dance video for 15 minutes. Warmed me up and got my heart pumping.

Seeing a Vulva Christmas decoration within minutes of them going online.

A laughter filled first date with Hannah.

Finally made another Insta post.

Dinner cereals.

Seat dancing to the Bangla music whilst cutting out labia.

Chatting with Merium whilst we set up.

Watching her sister twerk with her feet up on the wall.

Printing vulva labels at work.

Free food for rescuing a Gousto box.

Task Master. Again

The big sale hit my bank account. Goodbye credit card debt!

Speaking to Jo and laughing about labels.

Cooking aubergine. I haven’t had it for ages and I’m happy to have cooked something different.

Finally getting the big order. Hello money.

A stranger giving me a tampon when I needed one.

Deciding to not immediately hate the football fans. Choosing to feel happiness towards them instead.

Kids poems about apples that are accidentally filthy.

Driving the van across London, singing and going past Waterloo station, over the bridge and looking at St Paul’s.

Getting to the final stages of the booklet. I think.

Being home with my own things in my own place.

She does still want all the kits.

Vulva booklet. It looks good and I’ve worked out how I’m going to sell it.

The WI said yes to a LL for £350

Volunteer day. And it was sunny.

I made soup and it was yummy.

Boules with the greenspace team.

A much more successful Insta post. Finally.

A new coat pattern. And it’s zero waste.

Going home early to play on my new tablet and draw vulvas.

Joking out loud to myself. I think I’m feeling a bit better.

A pretty sky in the evening.

Allison and Sylvia.

Putting the vulva booklet into canva.

A big beautiful daisy.

Having lunch and Alan Davies walking in and sitting behind me.

Working on the booklet.

Being at the Dementia friendly event and feeling inspired. For work and home.

Darned my favourite socks.

Updated my website. At long last.

Sewed up my bikini top so I can wear it. And it’s finally not in a pile on the chair.

The smell of bay from a nearby street party.

A warm wander in the evening, with park smells and golden light and fresh air.

Working on the vulva booklet. It’s going to be so good! I’m so excited about it!

Looking at my vulva booklet design. I’m so excited! It’s going to be so beautiful!

Getting my bowls onto Etsy.

Feeling like a proper part of the council and being involved in wider things. It felt really good.

I made so many bowls today.

Editing my vulva booklet. I’m so excited for it!

Having a weekday off. It feels so much more relaxing.

The Play That Goes Wrong.

Four new toys! I wasn’t expecting that many!

Talking to Jo. I miss her.

Show and tell at the monthly walk. It was another lovely walk.

High Steaks – she mentioned me and I’m on the back of her leaflet which is bonkers!

Spending time with Rosie

Ranking swear words with the volunteers.

Watching butterflies dance together.

Talking about periods and vulvas for a students project.

Showing Ben and Han around where I live and work. I loved that they were so surprised by how quiet it is.

Discovering the back garden of Vagabond. So cute!

Working on the vulva booklet and it being easier than I had anticipated.

A business saying yes to a Labia Lessons.

Setting up my personal Etsy store.

Cooking a dinner with things I’ve grown. It felt really good.