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Sleeping all day.

A message from Jen and an evening with her and Fiona.

A message from a Dutch woman who found my piece in Linda really helpful.

My book is in the very front of Common Press book shop!!

Taking the afternoon off.

Wonky fruit flavoured fizzy water. The wankiest most bougie drink and I love it.

Going to lie down upstairs with the heater on for a bit.

Hannah’s pair that looked like a bird.

Getting paid for a very short Labia Lessons.

Found out I was nominated for March Stars of the Month 😌

I took the book to Common Press. Fingers crossed!

Arthur turned up to Park Cuppa and did his usual teasing.

Common Press might stock my book.

Walking along Parkland Walk listening to Disney hits.

She bought me an Easter egg.

The migraine has gone!

I finally put the boots on Vinted. Please let them sell.

Someone bought my book to go in the doctors office!! To show people that are worried about their vulva!

I had enough energy to shop and do website stuff and wash up and clean the bathroom (some of it) and organise presents.

Looking through old photos of New Zealand and other things. I want to see more of the world again.

Having donations from strangers on the internet.

Doug immediately changing my name on his phone.

The Vagina Festival. Some of the poems were amazing and the performers were just incredible. And getting to meet someone who’s in my book and see people being excited by my work.

Seeing Apple Derrieres perform her adult act. She wonderful!

Filming my vaginal swab in the doctor’s toilets.

Staying at home the whole day. I needed it.

A big bunch of fresh mint. It’s so delicious every time I open the fridge door.

A really successful Labia Lessons.

Writing the word pussy on the writable walls at work. Legitimately.

M&S pizza.

Sleeping. All day.

Doing a really neat sewing job on Hannah’s pyjamas top. Including adding new white dots in felt.

Dad’s feedback about my book.

Seeing the fox next door. He looked pretty unwell but it was so lovely to be so close to one.

Refilling my washing up liquid and it was only £1.51. I also just felt very happy doing it. It was what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

A really successful Labia Lessons with the Balham WI.

I was mentioned in the IWD event for my vulva work.

‘I get the second born’ ‘Minimus?’

Finally finally almost done with the job application!

Mum doesn’t need chemo!

New PB for the expert sudoku.

Sending off an invoice for $800 for something that did not feel like $800 of work!

A really positive MHA meeting that felt like it’s got us moving in the right direction again.

My books are going to be in secondary schools in the borough! I’m so excited!


Cuddling up into the bean bags in the corner of the hall and closing my eyes.

Playing with the dog at the hairdresser’s.

The message from Han about my book and talking to Fred about bodies. I just can’t. 😭

Finishing the huge pile of books to post out.

Apple crumble and custard.

Watching Jen and Fiona read the book.

A morning at home. It felt like I had hours of time to myself. It was so nice.

Seeing all the other people walking the diversion through Aster Meadow. Not sure why but it just made me smile to see people doing the walk with other people.

A night with Hannah. She helped with the envelopes and she really liked dinner and we tried the dildo.

Getting that £700 hitting the bank.

Sally is back! Hurrah!

People being so lovely about the book on Etsy and Instagram. Even when I’m pretty sure I’ve fucked up several times with posting.

All the orders. I can’t quite believe it.

Spending the morning cuddling in bed with tea and wordle and fingers.

Meeting Max and having him fall asleep on me for ages. So lovely to cuddle a tiny baby.

Oh my god I sold out of all the books! In less than 24 hours! I can’t believe it!

A lovely guided walk for the Arab meet up group.

Coming at the same time.

My vulva book is heeeeere! I’m so excited!

Discovering the drag king at work went to the same college as me.

Sending Hannah the photos I thought I’d lost.

Mum’s operation went okay.

Confusing Dolly Alderton and Dolly Parton.

Managing to organise an extra page of vulvas into the booklet.

Sally was around. Everything feels better when Sally is around.

Walking with Rosie and telling her about the booklet being nearly ready.

My boob photo on the internal comms 🤣

Lovely Veronica who helped with all three of my colposcopies.

No longer having high grade abnormal cell changes on my cervix!

The dorky video I made about it.

Being at work on my own and being able to print some things and look up some things and generally just not really do any work.

Finished my punch needle cushion. It’s pretty cute actually.

Got some good vulva drawings done.

Finishing the vulva booklet. I’m really proud of it!

Hannah brought round a tupperware of food and jelly and a plant. 🥹

Lots of hours of chatting. And being told I’m very funny and good with words.

Finally BM after months and months. Three times.

Drew some vulvas on my tablet.

Went to bed when I was tired without looking at my phone and then realised it was 7.15pm.

What a JOLLY outfit!

When the sun came out and you could feel the warmth of it on your face.

Got some edits back from Aziza. We’re inching closer to getting the booklet ready!

A successful Islam and nature walk. People liked it. And it didn’t rain.

An afternoon spent on the sofa watching Love is Blind and seeing vulvas.

She suggested a third date. ☺️