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Pottery. Aside from one of the pieces (yes, that one), they all went well.
Sort of flirting. It made my migraine feel a lot better.

Mike’s terrible accidental gif on Tinder. Didn’t seem to make a difference though. Just made me and Lauren laugh heaps.



A riverside walk
An activity, sex and breakfast.
Cousin catch up. F, school and pubes.


Going on my flatmates Tinder and getting a match.
Going for a windless walk together along the seafront and discovering the Japanese Festival.
The lampshades and giant moose  head at Mac’s Brewbar.


This tumblr for using Alan Partridge quotes on Tinder. So funny. I laughed all the way through my lunch break.
Picking up exactly the right amount of napkins needed. I love it when that happens.
Someone bought back my ‘free coffee grinds for your compost heap’ sign that blew away yesterday. Just as we were talking about whether someone had stolen it or not.