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Volunteering for the Foodbank. It was a good three hours of smiling and chatting and doing.

Going to see the space at Southbank for BOW at WOW. It’s going to be so good!

Our workshop for BOW in the evening. Lovely feminist friends, coming together to help us and give us ideas and energy and love. We came up with a great idea and I can’t wait to see it happen!


Sausage and jazz. Classic mix.

Part two of the campaigning course. Hearing Nimco Ali speak. She’s so brilliant. And having the possibility of teaming up with some other brilliant women. Very exciting!

Me: oh, someone’s due a smear

Ivan: guilty

Being all together as a family, having lunch in the garden for the last time.

Watching Ben laugh so hard retelling the new Dad’s Army film that he cried.

Coming back to Lauren. And my garden smells. Someone who can commiserate with me and a nice place to sit before the week starts again. 


Breakfast in the sunny garden.
A day together. All together.
Ice hockey. Not as good as French ice hockey but still really fun. And sexy.


Looking up at the bright big moon just as a plane flew in front of it.
Emailing James.
Walking and talking on the bridge.


Brushing our teeth together.
Dishoom. How has it taken me this long to get there? I loved everything about it. Even the toilets.
Spending some time with Hannah.


Fuse ODG. Four times on the way to work.
A lazy morning at work.
Spending time together this evening.


Wine cartons and butter in a spray can. Things have changed since we left.
Getting to the cottage and being alone together in the middle of nowhere.
Watching that great Grand Designs with the hand built wooden house in the forest.


Not just one lot of double tea bags, but two. I love it when we get tea bags that are still connected.
Comic Relief. What a night.
Spending time together today, just the two of us.


Watching two films ‘together’ on the plane. We counted down to press play.
Realising that I no longer need to worry about big dangerous spiders and snakes.
Dinner. We spent most of it in hysterics, making stupid faces and being a bit silly.