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Cool egg patterns

A day of doing. Made a dress, mowed the lawn, planted a tree.

Discovered we can watch catch up TV on our TV. Watched Eden with Bivan whilst eating too many nachos.


Lots of muttered ‘fucks’ in the office. I like an office that swears. In fact I like this office full stop. Such a lovely day.
The red tree.
All the reclaimed wood and Mac’s in the cafe in Hackney. So hipster.


Standing outside on the fresh morning air for a few moments as the sun shone through the trees and squirrels played on the tree.
Using fire extinguishers. As training, not for a fire.
Four Non Blondes, what’s going on. Such. A. Tune.


Deciding to brave the rain and go for the walk along Charming Creek.
This cool tree covered in moss and plants.
I did a REALLY stinky fart in the van and had to open the door to let it out.


Seeing Tane Mahuta, the oldest, biggest kauri tree in the New Zealand.
Spending some time alone on a wooden walkway across a quiet lake.
Driving onto a ferry for the first time.


The beautiful bright yellow tree just outside our campervan this morning.
Stopping at Wanaka lake to take photos. It was gorgeous.
Parking at a DOC site in the middle of a valley with clouds drifting around the mountains, a fire pit on our pitch and a short walk through the mossy forest.


A walk around Edinburgh Botanical Gardens, featuring this tree that I believe has just told a rude joke

My boyfriend lying next to me and stroking my face as I woke up

Some ridiculously delicious chocolate


This happy tree

Going for a slow walk in the warm breeze

Doing some yoga again for the first time in ages. A really nice way to make me feel like I’ve stopped working for the day and can think about me and nothing else