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Voicenotes from Jo that validate how I feel.

Today was busy but kinda exciting. Being a manager over the summer is going to be tough but it’s made me feel more able already.

Selling Sunset and watermelon.

Dancing on my own this evening.

Selling sunset. It’s so ridiculous. Chrishelle is killing it this season.

Finally feeling like I have some energy back. FINALLY!

Jen dropping off books and food.

Eurovision plus the inevitable continuous texting in Eggs.

A day of sewing, Jewish Matchmaking and podcasts.

Feel strangely pleased that I texted positive for COVID because now I don’t have to worry about going back to work before I’m ready.

“I’ve had a poo in Chicago airport and I’m ready to hit the town”

Jewish Matchmaking

Cottage cheese.

The melt on your tongue migraine medicine.

The terrible couple left Race Across the World.

Spending the day painting and decorating the little bugs for Fred’s game.

Watching Race Around the World with Hannah and Beth.

Going out dancing to rock and roll and swing.

Leaving work at 4pm and watching two episodes of Succession. Whilst texting Jonny saying things like: Logan DIES?! Shiv is PREGNANT?!

Cheesy garlicy rice.

The cllr at the conference.

RuPaul. It’s been a long break and I’m happy to be back.

Hannah and Corinne sent me two doughnuts to cheer me up.

A voicenote from Hannah. Where she says she’s missed me and is looking forward to Wednesday.

Toasting bread over a fire.

Funny apple tree names.

Lying on the sofa cuddling with Hannah and watching Gogglebox.

The lovely older Spanish couples. They gave me a Spanish pancake and asked about my Christmas.

A bit of peace after therapy.


New boots.

Staying at Hannah’s.

Travel man

Lunch with Rosie and Jana. With a special appearance by Miro.


Picking up a new book from Crisis.

A walk with dad down into town.

A night of fixing, Sandi and Have I Got news For You.

Lying next to mum on the sofa.

Favourite Japanese incense ❤️

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse.

Just a nice relaxed day with mum and dad. And lots of veggie food.

And spotting the woodpecker in the tree at the bottom of the garden.

A deep conversation with Jo.

Thai, mulled wine and trash TV on the sofa with her.


Pay day!

An evening of non stop Love is Blind.

Feeling more and more like me again. Being able to laugh with and listen to Syd. Being able to stop myself spiralling and feel more confident about myself. I really hope this feeling grows and stays.

A walk and then back to bed in the sunshine with Elliott napping next to me.

Restarting the weaving.

Old Enough. Bit weird but very cute.

An afternoon nap on my new pillow.

Work in Progress.

A day off and time to just rest and be in bed and not feel bad about it.

Seeing lots of old faces in the women’s walk – Sarah, Rosamond, Merheen, Ryan, John.

Chatting more with Jaz.


The new series of Sex and the City.

Thanks to Han’s NowTV login.

A takeaway pizza and more Bling Empire.

(I’m sick. This is literally my life now)

The loveliest women doing my scan. And accidentally being a bit turned on.

Bling Empire. And explaining it to Linus.

My lovely pharmacist.

The squirrel on the window.

Having dinner at Jo’s. We ate SO MUCH.

The first few minutes of Sexy Beasts. I mean….what the actual fuck.

Lunch with Tash, talking about the robotic lobster cat toy. I haven’t had a roast dinner for ages.

Watching The Chair, with a candle lit.

Messaging Corinne. But also how happy she is with the dungarees I made her.

A great almond croissant.

A nap. Then another one.

Watching the final three episodes of Too Hot To Handle with Jonny. It made the atmosphere a bit easier.

The genius cardboard spoon in Tash’s yoghurt.

Finishing SexLife. A great days working from home.

Getting up and down from Tash’s floor cushions.

Jonny branching out with sexual walks.

SexLife. Especially the shower scene with Brad. TOO FUNNY.

I did some yoga and all my physio exercises.

Too Hot to Handle. Three episodes with pizza and ice cream.

The sun was back out.

Corinne hiding from Ciaran and Kate.

Going out for another walk to get some sunshine.

Delicious fancy Waitrose hot cross buns from Jo for the recovery period.

Watching TV with Jonny, plus commentary. Location Location Location is always a winner.


Sunny street flowers.

Looking up campervan for sale.

Taking the afternoon off to watch Grayson Perry’s Art Club.

Walking in the sun to drop off two old broken electrical items in the, finally discovered, recycling bin.

This silly meme