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Right said Fred, let’s have a cup of tea.
Looking into his bellybutton.
Remembering House Rules.


A sunny winters day and a walk to the bank.
Seeing Theodore, now a big 2 and a half year old. Very different to the last time we saw him.
Friday Night Dinner.


Apple puree. So delicious.
Watching rubbish TV in the campsite common room for ages. It was great to just switch off and laugh at stupid things.
Peeing in the pot again.


I scrubbed the floor so well. You could tell where I had and hadn’t cleaned. I’ve wanted to do that for so long.
Super productive day.
The ridiculous traffic police show we watched. So bad, so good.


A Belgium biscuit.
Dinner. And the most delicious dessert I’ve ever had.
Cuddling on the bed watching French cooking.


Homemade digestive biscuits. #britsabroad
A new, awful TV show thanks to Scott Mills called Bad Bridesmaid.
Singing loudly on my own in the car. I’ve really missed that.


I finished my T-shirt. And it looks so professional! I love the double stitching.
Silly jokes with my boyfriend and loud laughing.
Family Guy.


Going shopping on my own and buying all the food that I like because he’s away for a few weeks. Hello cheese, sourdough and yoghurt.
Slide Show, the ridiculous Australian gameshow.
Updating my phone to fix an issue. I had to delete everything and start again which meant that I got to put it all back and reorganise it all. I love organising. And now it sort of feels like I have a new phone again.


Shaving my boyfriend face.
Doing the Superman.
Watching The Hotel Inspector.


Having lunch with my colleague who wasn’t working today. A lovely chance to actually chat without interruptions.
Roast pumpkin massaman curry for dinner. It was delicious.
House Rules. I love that show.


Walking past the lavender bush.
Wandering around the arts section of Te Papa with my new headphones on.
Watching Sex and the City.


Doing the Superman flying thing with my boyfriend.
Discovering there are people who tie themselves up and get tickled for 15 minutes, whilst being filmed. Weird.
Watching some of RuPaul’s Drag Race with my boyfriend. And he seemed to like it!


Happy colleagues means a happy day.
My big fat gypsy holiday.
Finishing work with a glass of wine and feeling really relaxed by the time I got home.


Discovering RuPaul’s Drag Race. Hello new favorite programme. Ever. 
The second half of my meditation class where I managed to stop the voices in my head.
Walking down to the shops in the sun with the bright blue autumn sky above me.


Washing my feet after work. All inbetween the toes and scrubbing all the bits. It felt so nice after a day on my feet.
The Graham Norton show. With Ronnie Corbit and Ricky Gervais.
Free pavlova. Free, delicious pavlova.


Having our boss away so we could have a slightly relaxed day.
Family Guy. Just felt in need of some silliness.
Early morning, half asleep cuddles.


Watching the fox that likes to hang around the building

Going out onto the balcony for a little while as the sun shone

My boyfriend coming home after work when I didn’t think he was going to. Cuddles on the sofa in front of Grand Designs and a very funny New Girl.



A mid afternoon hot chocolate and girly catch up

Spotting a fox on top of a car in the car park. And then watching it leisurely stretch and wander off.

8 out of 10 cats.


Turning on the tv just in time to hear ‘please welcome John Richardson’ on the Comedy Roadshow.

Ticking lots of things off my to do list

Speaking to mum for a bit.

Image: liveintentionally

Singing along to Laura Marling loudly in my flat as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

Homemade pizza. With way more cheese than is necessary.

David Attenborough’s Ark on BBC2. Incredible animals, brilliant programme, amazing man.


One of the canapés at the course today was ‘steak on a chip’. Literally a tiny bit of steak on one chip. Really made me giggle. But no one else found it remotely funny. Which only made it funnier.

Bumping into my boyfriend on the tube and getting to walk home with him.

Watching the new series of Friday Night Dinners. And laughing. A lot.