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My parklets. So pretty. Even if it was too rainy for anyone to actually sit in them…

Another tweet with my face in from the Mayor. Mum will be happy!

Pizza with Jo and her family. Much more fun than I expected and a free meal too!


A lovely tweet from Michael.
Friday Night Dinner.
A whole heap of vegetables


Bonding with my new boss and teammate and making them laugh. There’s nothing better than hearing ‘you’re hilarious!
Free chocolate brownie to nibble on in the afternoon
A twitter conversation with my friend about kettles


Another free lunch from my housemate, this time at the beach. A beach with a dog and seagulls.
Getting tweets from people I don’t know back home saying they’re thinking of me because the quizmaster at the pub I used to go to held a minute silence for me not being there.
Sticking my face in the new mint plant. It’s so minty.


This tweet from Pundamentalism.

A park full of pigeons flying at me.

A clean home


A night playing cards with our friend

Garlic bread

The punny tweets about the Tesco horse meat scandal. My favourite being ‘Those Aldi horse burgers were nice, but I prefer My Lidl Pony’