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Beautiful, peely tube walls.

Working from home, talking to myself.

Jesus peering through a vagina. From Becky.

Waking up to a room full of sunshine. The sun actually felt warm on my face today. Every year you forget what it feels like and every year it’s a joy to experience again.

Going to two exhibitions in the afternoon. Sticks with Dicks and Slits was funny and the Museum of Transology was really interesting. Also just having time to myself to go was super lovely.

The tube driver. ‘There is no need to rush. I will be driving that tube too. As long as we all cross the platform, we’ll get there together.”

​Beers in the park after work

Slow walking in the sun

The dog on the tube


The very tall man trying to avoid the doors on the tube.
A Yard Sale Pizza for dinner.
Voting. Please god let us stay in.


When another tube rides past, alongside yours, for 2 seconds before it disappears into another route.
The heat from the sun. You could really feel it today.
The database chat with James and Sophie.


The Hidden Underground tour at Aldwych. SO good!
Drunken eggs.
Running across the road with Jonny.