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A free bunch of asparagus. So of course I immediately ate an entire bunch.

Starting my dungarees

Evening with my old mates. Didn’t leave feeling sad or embarrassed and regretting anything. I’m in a much happier place.


These cute squash. My boss bought them because she knew I’d love them.
Plucking out his ingrown hairs.
The beautiful deep blue sky on the walk home.


The baby sized butternut squash that my boss bought because she knew I’d love it. It’s called a butter kid. So cute!
A farty boyfriend.
Getting a $100 note! Never had one of those before.


Being excited about new things, like salmon teeth.
Life drawing.


Golden beetroot. The colour and the taste.
Emails from home friends.
Watching Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall do a pancake race through a small English village on TV.

sexiest vegetable beetroot

Photoshopping a beetroot to look like a beauty pageant winner. For work.

Walking past Mary ‘Queen of Shops’ Portas on Roman Road (and possibly being caught on camera)

My new-to-me Russell and Bromley shoes arrived