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Pretty Cotswolds villages.

Tiny horses, drinking from a cute stream.

Plum cake


Seeing an old friend for the first time in 20 months. And she bought me flowers, chocolate cake and wine.
Going for a walk around the village. Splashing through mud and ambling down windy country roads.
Finding the perfume I made. I smell lovely again.


This moustache mug in the vintage shop. It looks like a novelty item but its not. Hilarious. I love the nose space.

The duck race in the village with the man in knee length wet suits, standing in the river that only came up to their calves. Massively pointless outfit but funny.

Walking over Hungerford Bridge and watching the big tourist boat sail underneath, honking loudly with a whole deck of people waving. This made me smile for the rest of the bridge. I knew I would be glad I walked across the river rather than taking the tube.