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Sitting in the sun in the Southbank Centre roof garden with some old friends

Sorting out visa’s for our trip. It’s all getting so close!

Homemade pizza. Always a happy occasion



Leaving work in the sun to go shopping for a bikini

Being brave enough to go for a poo at work (the toilet is just a tiny room off our one room and is not at all private)

Finding out our New Zealand visas got accepted. Hurrah!

singing bird

Walking to the shop without my music. It was surprisingly quiet with just a few birds to keep me company.

Sending off our visa applications to New Zealand. At the exact same time (I counted down and made sure we both pressed send together).

Seeing a friend we haven’t seen for two years as he’s been living in India


Had parsnip and apple soup for the first time. And it was yummy.

Found out more information about working visa’s for New Zealand

Went to the opera for the very first time. Not really my thing but the English National Opera is a lovely building.