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A robin came and sat on my windowbox and looked in at me as I dried my hair.

Being congratulated by my big boss for a good meeting. And a bit of a win over the stupid councillors.

A comment on this blog from someone who hadn’t quite expected to find information about me moisturising my vulva. I forget that other people read this. I’ve always seen it as something for me. But hi, if you’re reading this.

We won the free breakfast for the waking challenge!

Getting excited about Car Free Day. I feel good about these plans.

Playing guess the animal with Stuart. And then the Austrian national anthem.

Wearing my new DMs out and about. I love this look.

The family deciding that, despite us all agreeing to split the money if we won, that I should get the £20 from the Christmas scratch card. 

Yay, Stuart agreed to go on holiday. And soon! Hello cute cottage with a fireplace.

Getting an apology and getting my TOIL.

Beers and pizza with Jonny.

An evening slightly drunk shower. Warm soft feet and sweet smelling skin in bed afterwards.


Almost six hours of Trivial Pursuit.
Winning Trivial Pursuit.
My friends staying with me for hours and hours and hours. And hours. Mainly playing Trivial Pursuit


Finally feeling like I’m getting through my to do list at work.
My homemade Bircher muesli. It was actually nice!
Winning Shithead four times in a row.


Winning at tickling my boyfriend by some top class trickery.
Mashed potato leftovers at work.
Facebook conversations with my housemates. We’re a pretty hilarious bunch.


One of mums Sunday lunches. And it was the best one ever.

Playing Cludo with my boyfriend and dad. No winning.

Sleeping Naked Mole Rats on Africa.


A video about a hippo that lives with a family in South Africa. So cute.

Beating someone on Words With Friends. #win

The idiots on Rude Tube.


Going into STA Travel and finding out more about our trip away. Goodbye stressful job, hello world!

Getting all feminist and empowered at the fundraising event for my friend’s amazing girls football project.

Chatting to a minor celebrity at the fundraising event and making her laugh. Win.


I raced a man (he didn’t know) out our building this morning. He was waiting for the lift, I skipped down the stairs. I got there first. Win.

We had a new volunteer at work and it was really great to have someone to chat to. Especially someone who is so similar to me.

I went to my first ever yoga class. And it was free!

Image : kyrinhall (and no, I didn’t manage this. Not even close)

have a lovely day card belvoir fruit farm

Found these lovely little cards on the Belvoir Fruit Farms website.

I won a competition!

This stupidly funny video about emu’s at a petting zoo. I love the fact the emu’s faces look like they are laughing, I love the girls reaction when the emu suddenly appears after the ‘five minutes later’ and I loved discovering the unknown species known as ‘water moccasins’.

This song, I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons. The video gives me goosebumps, the song makes my stomach flip and I truly don’t think I’ll ever tire of hearing it.

Wearing my new parka coat for the first time since I bought it at a flea market for a tenner

‘Winning’ (buying) a lovely pair of (hopefully waterproof) Russell and Bromley boots on Ebay